What We Buy

Jewelry- We buy any gold, silver, platinum or palladium jewelry. If the piece contains smaller diamonds, we pay for them as well. Other competitiors do not pay for smaller diamonds. In fact, they will take off gold weight for them. The condition of the piece jewelry does not matter, as gold is gold, we will pay you 10-40% more then competitors, even if pieces are broken. If we think the piece would be good for resale we pay even more! 

Coins- We buy US silver and gold coins and Canadian silver coins.  US silver includes pre 1965 dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes which are 90% silver and we also buy 35% silver war nickels (1942-1945). We also buy 1965-1970 40% silver half dollars.  For current value prices for these coins, please click on the link below and select the "Silver Values Tab" (please note the values listed are for common dates only and any rare key dates will have a numismatic value as well)  

Bullion- We buy all sorts of bullion that is gold or silver no matter the percent of the precious metal.  

Dental gold- We buy any dental gold, which is ussually 16k gold, but sometimes 18kt gold. If the tooth is still attached we can separate it for you or a good old hammer and the concrete always works great. Note: If you are going to take it out yourself, eye protection is a must.

Silver flatware and hollowware- These are items such as silverware, silver tea sets, candle stick holders, salt and pepper shakers, ext. 

Diamonds- We buy all shapes and sizes of diamonds, whether it is mounted or a loose stone. If you have a certification with the stone, it can add to the value.


Gold Nuggets and Placer Gold- We buy from gold dust to large specimens. If you are selling placer gold or fine gold, please do not bring it in wet or mixed with iron, dirt or any other impurities, as this can be time consuming to separate and dry. When it comes to specimen gold with quartz, we can pay (depending on the piece) sometimes up to 200% of spot.


We pay:

82.5% of spot for 4 mesh

80% of spot for 6 mesh

77.5% of spot for 20 mesh

75% of spot for Fines

Note: We are always interested in buying anything that is gold, silver, platinum or palladium. So don't hesitate to call if it is not listed above, we have purchased gold door handles before @(541) 245-9479

How to Find Us

The Southern Oregon Gold Exchange

250 E 10th St

Medford, Or 97501


Phone: 541-245-9479

Email: thesouthernoregongoldexchange@gmail.com

We re-size and can fix jewelry

We also have custom jewelers we work with

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