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     At THE SOUTHERN OREGON GOLD EXCHANGE, we have been paying 15% more than anyone else in Southern Oregon for precious metals and gems for the last five years. We have been buying gold, silver, diamonds, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, dental gold, coins, etc... and we have built up a nice collection.


   We sell jewelry we have acquired from the public and estate sales over the years. We are selling most of our items for less than half of what our competitors charge and in many cases as much as 5 to 10 times less. We are here to give you VALUE! If we can give you the value you need and deserve, then you will tell your friends and family.


   The owner, Zack Kohler, got into this business because he saw how poorly the consumer came out on both buying and selling precious metals and jewelry. He knows if you treat people right, they will come back, and that is why we have quite a few regulars at The Southern Oregon Gold Exchange.


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How to Find Us

The Southern Oregon Gold Exchange

250 E 10th St

Medford, Or 97501


Phone: 541-245-9479

Email: thesouthernoregongoldexchange@gmail.com

We re-size and can fix jewelry

We also have custom jewelers we work with

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